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The Best Cooling Weighted Blanket — California Design Den Weighted Blanket Review

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

As an established E-commerce writer and editor for some of the internet's biggest publications, I've tested and covered thousands of products. These are the best of the best. (Thanks to affiliate links, I'm able to collect a portion of sales if you purchase a product through this article.)

I've written about (and tried) a lot of weighted blankets in my time as an E-commerce writer — especially since people started getting wind of the science behind them: According to research, weighted blankets are psychologically and physically soothing for those with anxiety or insomnia. Needless to say, these things started selling like hotcakes a few years back, and now, there's definitely no shortage of options on the market. Still, the best cooling weighted blankets are few and far between.

Personally, I don't just want my weighted blanket to be heavy; I also want it to be breathable, stylish, and sustainable. That's how the California Design Den weighted blanket sets itself apart from the competition. This is hands down the best one I've tried, and bonus points: Since it's so cozy-looking and on-trend, I'm actually excited to display it at the foot of my bed. (I used to shove the last one I owned into my storage trunk whenever guests would come over.)

In my opinion, the California Design Den's chunky-knit construction looks way nicer than the standard quilted look you'll find when you opt for a cheaper weighted blanket. I also love the way its longer dimensions (40 by 70 inches if you get the 12-pound option) stretch from one end of my queen-size mattress to the other, so it looks more like a casual throw than a must-have stress-relief tool.

But this weighted blanket is about so much more than just looks: It also uses superior materials so it's both durable and eco-friendly.

A 100% Cotton Weighted Blanket For Less

The vast majority of weighted blankets on Amazon use some kind of synthetic fabric on the outside and (if you're lucky) glass beads on the inside. The California Design Den weighted blanket, however, doesn't have any fillers or synthetic materials whatsoever — instead, it's made from layers of 100% genuine cotton that's been handknit into chunky throw. As a result, it's soft and has a soothing, evenly distributed weight, but it's still breathable and airy enough for hot sleepers.

It's also one of the most eco-friendly options I've ever tried — yes, because it's made entirely from cotton, which makes it natural and biodegradable, but the company goes above and beyond here: California Design Den's products are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified and free from over 300 unhealthy synthetic additives.

This blanket is also crafted by artisans in India using green practices, and since it's machine-washable (without pilling or fading) it'll look brand new for years to come. (Most weighted blankets can't be washed, so if they stain, they'll likely end up in a landfill.) Last but absolutely worth noting, each one comes in a roomy, canvas duffle bag that I'll definitely be reusing for weekend trips.

Others have noted that it's comparable to Bearaby, Luna, or Baloo weighted blankets in materials and quality — but since it starts at $153 for a 12-pound weight, it costs significantly less than the high-end competition.

Light Gray — 12 pounds


What Weights & Colors Are Available?

This weighted blanket comes in two weights: 12 pounds and 15 pounds. (As a frame of reference, experts recommend that your weighted blanket weighs approximately 10% of your body weight.)

You can get either one in your choice of Blueberry, Gray, and Light Gray (all made from cotton), and the dye naturally resists fading even when machine-washed.

What Are Other Reviewers Saying?

Compared to cheaper options, this weighted blanket has gone relatively under the radar on Amazon, but it's still managed to rack up a 4.7-star rating from almost 400 reviewers. The general consensus? I'm not the only one who loves it:

"I was looking for a sustainable (aka, natural fiber, no filler) weight blanket," one reviewer wrote. "Those that are similar to this one start at almost twice the price (like Bearaby). I was skeptical but I'm so glad I purchased this one — the quality is superb." Others raved that it's not only beautiful, but extremely effective for those with "anxiety," "insomnia," "autism," or "achy feet," because it feels like you're "being hugged by an angel."

Dramatic? Maybe a little. Do I agree? Yes, without a doubt.

Studies referenced:

A randomized controlled study of weighted chain blankets for insomnia in psychiatric disorders — Bodil Ekholm, BMedSc, OT; Stefan Spulber, MD, PhD; Mats Adler, MD, PhD

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